Pay for results only, maximising your business ROI

Hybrid – Facebook Ads + Adwords (Popular)


Facebook Ads or Google Adwords? We help you to find out which works best for your business

Actual Ads Spend RM2500

RM250 AB Testing Setup = Waived

Pay Per Lead / Sales:

Facebook Ads = RM10

Google Adwords = RM20

3 Facebook Marketers = 3 FB Ads

3 Adwords Marketers = 3 Adwords Ads (Text) + 3 Landing Pages

Facebook Ads
For products / services that are visually attractive, or human interest, or talk about in social media.

Actual Ads Spend RM1000

RM250 AB Testing Setup = Waived

Actual Ads Spend RM1000

Pay Per Lead / Sales = RM10

3 Facebook Marketers = 3 FB Ads

Google Adwords

Suitable for B2B, or products / services that people are actively looking online.

Actual Ads Spend RM2000

RM250 AB Testing Setup = Waived

Actual Ads Spend = RM2000

Pay Per Lead / Sales = RM20


Frequently asked questions

1) What results can you guarantee?

Nobody can guarantee results in paid search marketing. however able to optimize the campaign effectiveness via crowdsourcing (various ads copies created by various marketers), and AB Testing (Yup, it’s a “Hunger Games” to find the best ads that bring the best conversion rate to your business).

2) How much do you charge?

  1. No management fees – average digital agencies will impose a hefty 20% to 35% of your digital ads budget as their management fees . Regardless of the results they can deliver.
  2. Pay only for results – You are only required to pay when our marketers’ efforts successfully generated leads / sales for your business. There are only 2 items you need to invest:
    1. Ads Budget (Ads Spend on Google Adwords and/or Facebook Ads) –  RM1,000 to > RM2,500 depends on which packages.
    2. Pay-Per-Lead / Conversion
      1. Adwords – RM20 per lead
      2. Facebook Ads – RM10 per lead

3) What happened after 1 month trial?

1 Month trial is available only for each company first ads campaign (for 1 product / service).

To continue your PPC ads campaign after the 1 month trial, you can choose to continue to run the ads with the best ads that emerged from the 1st month campaign, or to resume the AB Testing process (which setup fees is required).

4) Wish to know more about our solution?

Drop us a message and we are glad to help you.

Online Enquiry: Click Here

Contact Number: 012-2970362


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