Eliminate fake products with blockchain

LuxTag enables businesses & their customers to deter counterfeit, prove ownership & provide provenance of products for the digital age, enabling assurances to supersede assumptions.

Investment Opportunity

Luxtag is now pre-live on pitchIN

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Counterfeit deterrence

Ensuring authenticity through unique identity on the blockchain

ownership registry

Timestamped proof of ownership for product verification

Counterfeit deterrence

Business analytics of supply chain including secondhand markets

Practical Blockchain Solution for Business

Partners & Clients

USD 2.5 Million Worth of Swiss Luxury Watches is Secured on Blockchain.

We are delighted that LuxTag provides real added value and practical solutions to businesses. LuxTag’s blockchain-enhanced technology powers an effective anti-counterfeit measure and gives brand owners a competitive advantage. Our technology allows consumers to trace the origins of the products and engage with the products & manufacturers swiftly through apps. We are looking to secure more than USD 750k of business by 2020, as manufacturers, brand owners, and industries are subscribing with us.”

Rene Bernard

Founder, LuxTag

Be part of Luxtag success Story

Minimum Funding Target

MYR 800,000 (USD 190,000)

Total Equity Offered


Total Target Amount

MYR 2,000,000 (USD 480,000)

btc / xem

Bitcoin and XEM pitchIN will take the market value of the tokens to assign the equivalent number of LuxTag shares to the investors


Equity crowdfunding campaign on pitchIN. It is conducted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), the local currency, and legal tender in Malaysia

Update: As of 26th November, 32% of the minimum target funding (USD 480,000) is raised.